Autonomous Food & Beverage Micro-Factories
Eliminating middle-mile logistics with hyper-local production
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"Relocalize's micro-factory allows us to eliminate middle-mile logistics to reduce GHG emissions, water waste and plastic pollution. It’s our responsibility to be leaders of change, and we continue to push forward for a brighter future for our people and our planet."

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Anthony Hucker
CEO at Southeastern Grocers
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Food & beverage supply chains are broken.

We're going to fix them.

Our food system has dangerous CO2 and waste problems.
of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is from food.
of food never makes it to the table and is wasted.
source of consumer plastic waste.
Supply chains are also too fragile, complex and expensive. Why are we still operating this way? Because centralized production was the only affordable solution... until now.

We are building a better, hyper-local food supply system

The future of food is a “one-step journey” from micro-factory direct to customers and retail stores.
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re /lōke līz/
To localize (in any sense) again, especially after delocalization has occurred.

"We must relocalize the food supply to make food affordable and save the planet"

How relocalizing food supply works

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Cut food miles &

Co-locating food production and packaging and distribution hyper-locally eliminates unsustainable and costly “middle-mile” transportation.
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Put robots to work in the field

Automated deployable systems reduce expenses, produce on-demand and make distributed production possible at scale.
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Decarbonize and eliminate waste

Hyper-localizing and creating novel waste-reduction solutions means we can cut CO2, plastic pollution, water waste and food waste.
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Relocalize makes ice today and beverages soon — and our future is in every store aisle.

Pilot study

Southeastern Grocers Partners with Relocalize to Reinvent Retail Ice

Through this partnership, SEG has introduced Party Cubes, the world’s first hyper-local, certified plastic-negative, packaged ice that is produced on-site and on-demand at the new micro-factory.

Party Cubes are a super-premium cubed ice that are made efficiently, locally and on-demand. It also stores better and costs less for consumers compared to traditional bagged ice. Additionally, the process produces zero water waste (compared to 50% normally) and reduces trucking CO2 emissions by 90%.


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