Relocalize develops production and processing platforms that sustainably produce local food and strengthen supply chains.

Re-localizing food

Introducing the

Thinking big by being small! Micro-factories are scaled-down factories deployed at or near grocery distribution centers. Co-locating production with distribution eliminates expensive and unnecessary logistics, while strengthening supply chains.

Each Relocalize micro-factory
locally serves

100-200 Stores



Relocalize employs robotics and automation to produce food at a micro-industrial scale on-demand 24/7. Our systems are designed to operate independently in the smallest possible footprint. “No touch” manufacturing offers maximum food safety, a best practice for a post-pandemic world.

Local automated food production can reduce food costs by up to


Environmental responsibility

De-Carbonization &
Waste Reduction

Trucking food over long distances is a major source of CO2 emissions. By re-localizing food production, our micro-factories eliminate the CO2 emissions from medium and long-haul logistics. By employing low-waste tech, we are also working to eliminate production waste.

Relocalize’s micro-factories cut CO2 up to 90%

Our first product

The Better Ice

Our first micro-factory produces better packaged ice. Frozen water should NOT be trucked cross-country when water is available everywhere. It simply does not make economic or ecological sense. For that reason, ice is the first food we are relocalizing.
Relocalize’s ice micro-factory eliminates water waste (typically 30-50% is wasted)

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At Relocalize, we believe in responsibly and sustainably feeding humanity by localizing food systems. That means moving away from ‘mass production and long-haul transportation’ to ‘local production and distribution’. The re-localization revolution is starting with packaged ice.
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The future of food is local.

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