We believe automated, distributed food manufacturing can nourish both people and the planet

Solving the biggest problems in food

Food is the #1 source of green house gases

Food production contributes 37% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Raw agricultural products alone make up 30% of all road freight! That's a lot of food being trucked across the country.

Food doesn't belong on trucks! Relocalize eliminates 100% of middle mile trucking upstream of distribution.

Cut trucking, cut CO2. It's that simple.
Too much waste!

Up to 48% of food never makes it to the table. What's more, production processes are usually very wasteful.

Waste not, want not.

Relocalize on-demand produce means no wasteful excess production, fewer damage-causing "touches" and less transport waste.

Also, we use up to 50% less water in production for ice & beverages.

Our planet is choking on plastic

Up to 48% of food never makes it to the table. What's more, production processes are usually very wasteful.

Certified plastic negative

Through our partners, we empower ethically employed people to collect, sort and reuse 2X as much plastic as we use. The project helps both people and the planet.

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The future of food is rooted in the past

The 16th century 10-mile diet

For thousands of years the radius of food travel was hyper-local. This “10-mile diet” remained largely intact until the early 20th century, when everything changed.

Diversified local food producers were displaced by the revolutionary forces of centralization, specialization and industrialization, transforming what we eat and where it comes from.

Though the industrial food revolution made it possible to feed an ever-increasing global population, it also brought major economic and environmental costs. A cost we are paying for today, gravely.

The food system of the future must be both efficient and sustainable to give people access to fresher, safer and sustainable products.

One-step packaged food journey from production to table


For the first time, it is possible to manufacture packaged food & beverage products at retailer distribution and fulfillment centers. This means only a single last mile delivery step from production to stores or customers, which: (1) breaks long supply chains and increases resilience, (2) makes food more affordable by cutting fuel and logistics costs and (3) cuts tailpipe emissions and green house gas emissions.

“Food is the #1 source of greenhouse gas emissions, threatening both people and the planet. It is the moral obligation of every individual, producer, distributor, and retailer within the food system to take action to create a sustainable future."

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Wayne McIntyre
CEO & Co-Founder at Relocalize

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