Retailers and distributers can transform supply chains for the better

Sustainability that is profitable for retailers

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ESG Impact

Reduce carbon footprint & cut waste drastically.
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Cost reduction

Access to fresher, safer & more affordable food.
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De-risk supply

Dedicated production on-site at your distribution center.
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How micro-factories work

It’s simple. Think 'Honey, I Shrunk the Food Factory'. These mini high-tech factories are deployed at retailer distribution or fulfillment centers to produce, package and palletize on-demand.

There is no capital cost or operations for the retailer. Just 1200 sq feet of indoor or outdoor space is needed.



Full control over the supply chain with on site production.

Set-up / Hassle-free

On demand production, no cold storage required.

No additional cost or personnel

We deploy the micro-factories and support all equipment costs. Retailers just buy ice.

When retailers save, both consumers and the planet win.

Up to 90% reduction in transport CO2
Up to 30% reduction in product cost
Zero middle mile logistics
>70% reduction in distribution ops costs including handling, warehousing and pallet building
>60% reduction in retail ops costs for receiving, stocking operations & shrink
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Production Launched

Proof-Of-Concept Micro-Factory Now Deployed

Ice is made with water. Water is available everywhere. And so transporting frozen water on trucks is environmentally and economically unviable.

This $8.5B North American retail packaged ice industry has remained unchallenged for decades and the commercial bagged-ice user experience is poor. Relocalize's ice cubes are SIMPLY BETTER.
  • Ice cubes that are actually... cubes!
  • Lasts longer and melts slower, so chilled drinks keep their great taste.
  • Vacuum-sealed for safety, food odors protection and leak prevention.
  • 1st certified plastic negative ice eliminates 2X more plastic from the environment than we use.
  • Reduces transportation CO2 by up to 90%.
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