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Remember the best ice cube you’ve ever tasted?
That’s ok, nobody does. Until now.
Experience cooling and mixing perfection.
Better Ice on supermarket shelves

Local Ice is Better Ice

Our founders spent 10 years engineering the most efficient and sustainable ice-making technology. The result is a micro-manufacturing platform that cuts needless long-haul transportation and produces zero water waste.
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Advanced manufacturing
Reduce 90% transportation emissions
Zero water waste
Locally made
Ice cubes from Better Ice Relocalize

Supplying full cubed ice in perfect squares!

We supply packaged ice cubes to grocery chains, superstores, convenient stores and many others!
"For the vast majority of cocktails, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, you should go with cubed ice, ideally about one 1" x 1". This is also the perfect size to use when shaking or stirring your drink. These larger cubes mean less surface area than cracked or crushed ice, so they don't melt too quickly. They keep your drink cold without diluting it too much. If a recipe says to serve a drink 'on the rocks,' this ice is your best bet."
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Dr. Katie Stryjewski
Autonomous ice production by robots

Ice Production

No human touch. Only robots manufacturing 24x7 with water supply locally sourced and purified at the retail distribution center. Retailer benefits include:
  • Reduced product cost for a higher profit margin
  • No more ice stock outage or storage
  • Meeting ESG objectives & GHG emission targets

Better Ice hits North America:
Elevate Your Cooling Experience!

The Better Ice is now available on the shelves of selected Winn-Dixie supermarkets in Florida through our pilot project in partnership with Southeastern Grocers. Our premium ice cubes are produced on-site and on-demand at the world's first micro-factory for food & beverages.

Packaged in vacuum-sealed rectangular packaging, these ice cubes fit perfectly on product shelves and inside shopping bags. The Better Ice is not only easy to carry and open but also adds delightful refreshment to any drink or cooler.

We are thrilled to expand our ice cube supply service in North America. With our RELO deployment framework, seamlessly integrating it into your daily operations is effortless. Contact us today to seize this exciting opportunity!

Available to retailers soon!

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