Made better.
Tastes better.
Packaged better.

Remember the best ice cube you’ve ever tasted? That’s ok, nobody does. Until now. Experience cooling and mixing perfection.

About Better Ice

Our founders spent 10 years engineering the most efficient and sustainable ice-making technology. The result is a micro-manufacturing platform that cuts needless long-haul transportation and produces zero water waste.
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90% Less Emissions
Micro manufacturing
Zero Water Waste
Locally made

Ice with benefits

No more banging bags of ice on the counter. The Better Ice is easy to carry, easy to open, and delightful to pop into a drink or pour into a cooler.

Plus, our water filtration removes the bad stuff and keeps the good stuff. The result is slow-melting, great-tasting cubed ice.

Retailers benefit too

Be one of the first to offer a differentiated packaged ice experience at the same price consumers are already used to.

What’s even better than an improved ice experience? Radically higher contribution margins from automation, on-demand production, and re-localization.

The future of ice is 100% local

Distributed automated food production (micro-manufacturing) is transforming access to quality foods, while significantly reducing environmental and operational costs of production and distribution. Distributed ice production means:
  • Ice is made at or near your distribution/fulfillment centers
  • No more ice stock outages
  • Drastically lower transportation and overhead costs

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